Continual Medical Education

General information

Continual Medical Education at WPA Co-sponsored National congress of the
Serbian Psychiatric Association “Psychiatry for the person and social transition”
will be organized in accordance with Regulations on precise requirements for providing continual medical education for healthcare professionals and their co-workers (Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia, 27th December 2008).

13th Congress is co-sponsored by World Psychiatric association (WPA) and accommodate three scientific meetings: 1) activities of the core meeting of the Congress consisting of five plenary sessions, eleven symposiums, one workshop, three poster sessions and nine satellite symposia, 2) 11th Central European Neuropsychopharmacological Symposium (CENP) “Psychiatric comorbidity: Implications for diagnosis and treatment” and 3) Zonal school for young psychiatrists.

Following types of continual medical education (CME) are planned regarding to aforementioned Congress activities:
– active and passive participation to an international congress (article 7. A.2 of CME Regulations),
– active and passive participation to an international course of category 1 (article 7.B.1 of CME Regulations)

All of the planned programmes of CME at the Congress meet requirements mentioned in the article No. 5 of CME Regulations: 1) the programme improves knowledge, skills and professional competence of participants; 2) the programme is based on recent achievements of the profession; 3) the programme is addressed to important medico-social issues; 4) the programme contributes to development of the quality of professional work; 5) issues, target group, type and duration of education are precisely defined in the programme; 6) lecturers in the programme are persons who satisfy required qualifications as described at the article No 5 of CME Regulations.

Definite quality assessment of the CME programme i.e. acreditation of the programme will be done by Health Council of Republic of Serbia.

CME credits

Passive participation comprising attendance to lectures. Passive participation is verified by Attendance Certificate.

Active participation comprising oral and/or poster presentation. Only first-mentioned authors at poster presentation, and/or oral presenters can earn CME credits. Active participation is documented by Attendance Certificate and published abstract in the Congress Abstract book.